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Solutions for everyone

Whether you own a boutique cinema downtown in the city, you operate a 8-plex cinema in the suburbs or a rural municipality cinema. Whatever your budget, and your current estate, we have a solution that fits your needs

Our Solutions

Cinemanext Box
The heart of the Cinemanext TMS Software, and gateway for our support services

Cinemanext TMS software is hosted on a Cinemanext Box hardware, a professional and affordable device that establish a connection to  the Cinemanext support network.

This way, Cinemanext has a complete view of the hardware that hosts the Cinemanext Software.

your decision

Cinemanext has libraries for every kind of usage: from a single screen arthouse cinema, to a 20 screen multiplex. From budget to enterprise solutions: we have something for you.

But we can also use your existing storage solutions: it's not a problem.

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