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A full range of Features

Because we care about bringing the most complete user experience, we constantly improve our software.

We talk to our customers, we get the feedback from our field technicians across all Europe, and focus on what is the most important: building solutions that fit our customer's needs.

Operations Overview

- Enhanced global or single booth overview

- Full device automation, including remote access and power automation

- Real-time alarms and warnings on content and devices

- Screen surveillance (IP Cameras)

Content Management

- Full control and monitoring of libraries and server storages

- Improved ingest strategies

- Embedded user interface for external content receivers

- Scenarios for automatic content deletion

KDM Management

- Manual and automatic ingest of KDM

- Validity warnings

- Automatic scan and ingest of KDM's from mailboxes

- Email notifications for expiring KDM's

Show Management

- Intuitive Schedule composer user interface

- Create shows by batches

- Compatible with main Electronic Point Of Sales available in the market (other POS added on request)

- DCP Creator: create DCP from video files or still pictures for local promotion or adverising

Playlist Management

- Full flexibility on Playlist creation

- Embeds external advertising packages

- Dynamic management of changes of playlists

Power Management

- Electrical Control, Automation and Monitoring of the cinema booth devices

- Daily Strategies to power up and power down electrical equipment based on cinema schedule

What Our Clients Say


Sirius Cinema - Le Havre - France

The CinemaNext TMS is very easy to use, for the daily programmings, for creating playlists, as well as for the automation of the KDM's. It also offers a very intuitive overview of the operations.

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